The Sietch of Morning

Dyson's Dodecahedron

In the desert, dug into rocky promontories and outcroppings, are the secret homes of the desert “nomads” – the sietches. The Sietch of Morning is a mid-sized sietch – acting not only as a village home for the desert folk, but incorporating a meeting hall and home for a small cult of the sisterhood.

Sietch of Morning Sietch of Morning

Like most successful sietches, the Sietch of Morning incorporates a number of wind traps to draw air down deep into the rock where moisture is trapped and extracted to maintain a small reservoir of water for the people. Off the side of this reservoir are the chambers of the sisterhood, and above it are the sietch gardens.

The wind traps are too small and twisting for anything but the smallest of shape-shifters to use to enter the sietch. But there are three other entrances – two watch points fairly high up on the rocky…

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