Dragonborn-again heathen

Even Now

I just love how I save some of my biggest snafus for the livestream. I mean, what fun is screwing up unless you can do it live, with other people watching, and leave a permanent video record?

Poor Zak. My gimpy Drow pale master has been on the stream once or twice before, I think, but this was probably his biggest moment. An epic reincarnation followed by a heroic reincarnation… and that’s where the glitches started. My ancient mouse double-clicked just as I was about to start choosing his appearance, so he started his warlock life as a plain, unadorned, boring beige Dragonborn – well, as boring as a Dragonborn can possibly be, anyway.

There was one other mistake I didn’t even realize at the time – can you spot it in the video?

So I gnashed my teeth a bit, because Zak’s appearance matters to him, and I knew…

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