Guiding an instant high-level character


Playing my Esper in Wildstar has given me pause for thought on what the game, and other MMORPGs in general, could do to make it an easier process to take on a newly dinged max level (or near) character. If you as a player have already capped a character the hard way then such advice is probably not going to teach you much, but even then the new character may differ enough in play style to require adjustments.

Messages and calls waiting

In my case in Wildstar playing the Esper has confronted me with a couple of hurdles, firstly what on Earth (or Nexus) to do first? The game bombards a dinged character with calls and messages from quest givers and other NPCs. The majority are actually old stuff from leveling zones that your character just bypassed – I guess some players would resent missing anything like that but it’d…

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