Hot Linking Metamagic Feats

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I only have a few casters in my character arsenal for DDO, as I tend to favor melee and ranged characters.  At least most of the time.  Casters just have so many different spells and abilities that it just makes it hard for me, personally, to keep up with.  You then layer this on top of the various metamagic feats that you can obtain as you level up and things can get really complicated; trying to remember which metamagics to turn on and which ones to turn off and that type of thing.  And then realizing that you left a metamagic feat on and you just cast a spell where it didn’t need to be and noticing how much of your spell point pool you just wasted.

I remember when DDO made it possible to “hot link” a metamagic feat to a particular spell.  What this allows you to do is to…

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