Retro Sample Week: X-Com UFO Defense

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(This is part of my a special week in which I sampled several smaller or more niche retro games from my GOG library. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Ah, X-Com. Also known as “the game my friends and I played nonstop during our junior year of college.” And I’m not really exaggerating here; it was not infrequent for me to wake up during the night to see my roommate Bob wasting aliens in the glow of the computer screen. It was just a well-polished, fun, and very replayable package.

The idea behind the original is that aliens are real, they’re starting to invade all over earth, and you’ve been put in charge of a special task force to fight the aliens while stealing their tech. There was a base building/research/economy portion of the game that took place between missions, but the bulk was spent…

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