The little cleric who could, except when she couldn’t

Even Now

On Thelanis, I have Even, and then I have 18 toons in various stages of gimpiness.

And don’t even get me started on the poor, neglected, utterly incompetent toons I have on other servers, let alone my F2Ps. They’re probably better than hirelings (except Larafay, but c’mon – LARAFAY, dammit!)… but only probably. And not by much.

I’ve been working on getting sagas done on my epic-level toons. I don’t worry too much about Even; she can mostly solo her way to true elite completions. But the others… yeesh.

Sunday night, I figured, hey, I haven’t run Jalliria, my cleric, in a while. Don’t really trust her in EE content, but I could get some saga stuff done on hard.

It was the first time Jall’d been on the livestream. To her credit, she did not die. OK, she’s level 30 and we were doing Gianthold sides on EH (actually…

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