The Reanimator’s Home

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Torsus Keld tries to remain unnoticed among the townfolk, but it is hard when you are the only person in the area with a background involving a significant amount of adventuring, spellcasting and magical research.

The Reanimator's Home The Reanimator’s Home

Mr Keld has specialized in the animation of the inanimate. While this normally is reserved to small homonculi and similar, his recent experiments have been towards building golems and in that process he has been finding himself working with corpses – and the town is becoming concerned with the recent spate of grave robbings…

Torsus’ home is on a small plot of land with a shared well between it and the next house. What isn’t known to the locals is that there is a whole substructure to his little stone house, reached by stairs secretly hidden behind a wall in his bedroom. Within this space is his magical workshop, his alchemical room…

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