Into the Red Fen

Tactalicious & Craftalicious

I’ve come to appreciate every series and pack of quests that allows me to maximize hirelings for a 2 or so hour stint. Such as Red Fen. Even if I in the end, I end up finishing the level doing something else. Like now – level 11; doing level 9 (Normal) quests on Reaper 1.

It’s a whole new interesting ball game doing Reaper 1. A little tougher than Elite, but not dramatically – with the added difficulty of numerous champions and reapers. Such as when I did one of the red fen quests and ran around a corner just to find 3 reapers.

And you can still die; normally (and dependent on difficulty) I always felt that some deaths are dumb. Such as random traps. I hate it in ToEE and Slavers. Because it’s not just 1 or 2, it is entire corridors. Back in the day when you…

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