WAR: Raavana

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

Being the record of my new passion over at Warhammer: Return of Reckoning server


i. Hunter

The wind brought the scent of the human, but also the delightful scent of burning timber, and the cries of the bewildered. Raavana stood on a hillock, wind wiping her purple cloak into rivulets to stuck close to her armor. She was thrown into a revelry of the past by a chance comment from one of the Warbreakers, “that dark elf has pride.”

It was pride first and foremost her father, Grythnyr, taught her when she yet a battle brat. “Become proud and arrogant like the ravens that rifle flesh from bone in the war yards, Raavana. Be like your namesake for the rest of your long, elven days.”

Chin up, lips locked in a sneer, she did what father told her, always being the first to lure human villagers into the night with…

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