Sounds that motivate gameplay


I was playing Elder Scrolls Online yesterday on my solo Dragonknight character and I was struck by just how effective and siren-like the sound and visual designs are for Dark Anchors (a k a Dolmen). These public events are regular occurences spread across the leveling zones for players to dive into as they see fit – you slay a few waves of creatures and get a reward from the chest that spawns at the end.

Dark Anchor event underway

They are visually distinctive of course, given it’s a giant glowing ring and chains reaching down to the ground, if you’re facing even vaguely the right way you’ll see a Dark Anchor appear or when in place from a long way away. The sound of these events is even more evocative than the distant visuals, the echoing horns and clanking chains that herald the events arrival are unmistakable. The crackling background…

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