Getting stoned on the stream

Even Now{/embed]

No, I haven’t been engaging in illegal activities whilst livestreaming! But this week I did get stoned – soulstoned, that is – a bit more often than I’m accustomed to.

As I can be fond of saying, I have Even, and then I have 18 other toons with varying degrees of gimpiness. I can count on Even; her attitude is pretty much, “OK, I’m getting through this and so are you even if I have to carry you through and rez you on the other side.”

But for this past Sunday’s stream, I wasn’t on Even. Instead, I had level 7 Favored Soul Meren getting some much-needed third-life XP as Seki and I took our lowbies into Sorrowdusk.

For some reason that’s not an area I run very often, so I’m not that familiar with it. I kept thinking that at some point we were going to have to…

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