Choices in Gaming: What’s Really Important?


-by Dylan DiBona

I was watching a brilliant video on the experience of Firewatch.The man behind the video discussed everything from the characters, dialogue, music and art style. One little tidbit he passed by quickly though were the choices.

In Firewatch you play as a man with a sick wife who, to get away from his troubles, decides to sign up as a fire lookout. He starts communicating with a woman named Delilah and you can make specific choices through dialogue to alter your relationship. Here’s what he said that stuck with me the most (paraphrase):

“It was the act of being given a choice that was important, not the outcome.”

This had me thinking about the numerous possible design philosophies regarding player choice. We live in an era where Telltale gives us multiple episodes in a handful of their series a year; a post Mass Effect time.Image result for telltale


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