Looking back at The Sims

Bio Break

Back in 2000, I was working as a youth ministry intern in Colorado and living in the basement of a church family that was kind enough to give me a rent-free home. Still, it was among one of the most lonely times of my life, as I was suddenly separated from all of my college friends and wasn’t exactly making a lot of new ones. During that year, I turned to computer games in my free time, thanks to my brand-new desktop. And one of the games that really helped pass the time was The Sims.

Oh, The Sims! It’s so hard to express how exciting and revelatory this game was when it first released. I had remembered playing Sim City 2000 back in high school, but this was far more up my alley. Creating a house and watching people live in it? It sounded mundane but ended up being…

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