How To Get Your Partner Into Gaming

Musings of a Mario Minion

Gaming with a loved one is an incredibly rewarding and consolidating experience. Many gamer couple relationships are based on mutual interest, however if you seek to spend hours with your non-gamer significant other bonding over common boss enemies, communicating through puzzles and challenges, or even facing off in competitive battles you might need to teach them the basics first. Whether it’s because they’ve simply never seen the appeal of video games, or they don’t believe they possess the nimble motor skills and reaction times required to get good at video games, the first steps to becoming a gaming power couple can be rough. Here, we take you through several easy steps to enlighten your partner and show them the deeply emotional, rewarding, and empowering effects of gaming.

Portal co-op mode

5 Easy Steps To Introduce Someone To Video Games

1. Approach The Subject Carefully

couple-talking Cheesy Stock Image No. 1 – note how carefully…

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