Crafting gear for alts


I picked up a Ratonga Ranger alt in Everquest 2 recently, I can’t even remember why I created him but noticed him on the login screen and thought it was time to play him. One thing I’ve not done before is actually play a good chunk of the low-level content near either major city (Qeynos or Freeport). The game places new characters in one of four starter zones (New Halas, Kelethin, etc) and by the time your done there your character is level 20 or so and past that content.

So I had a level 4 Ranger sat in Qeynos and no idea what to do with him. A quick wiki lookup revealed that there is in fact a Ratonga racial quest line in Qeynos, so that had to be the number one priority.

After a while though my character found himself seemingly out of his depth, even resulting in…

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