Over our heads, but it sure feels nice

Even Now

It takes more than a few deaths to rattle me. So even though Meren, my somewhat-to-totally gimped level 8 Favored Soul, had struggled a bit last week in the first part of the Sorrowdusk Isle arc, I was ready to take her right back there this week.

Logically things would’ve gotten real ugly real fast for Meren, as the quests were now several levels higher than she and guildie Gom are. And to be fair, we did run the last few on hard – but c’mon, that STILL made them level 11 quests, and we’re 7 and 8.

Most illogically, the whole thing went really well, with only one or two deaths apiece… including the part where Gom and I were both soulstones and had to rely on our hirelings getting us back to the shrine.

But hey, Meren proved last week in Tear of Dhakaan that she’s dumber…

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