Proper Punishment for Dying in Video Games


-by Dylan DiBona

I’ll never forget one day I was playing Twilight Princess HD.I died in the middle of a dungeon and thought “Damn! I don’t want to start from the beginning”. The game respawned me right outside the room I died in, I then remember thinking “What? There’s no punishment. What’s the point of dying?” It’s these conflicting thoughts that inspired this topic.
Image result for twilight princess hdThere are a few areas I feel like game designers never really nailed perfectly, death is one of them.

In Super Mario Bros. if you run out of lives even in the last world, you have to start all the way from the beginning of the game (unless you use a cheat). That’s far too drastic, and I’m sure it keeps tons of hopeful youths from beating the game after the downloading it from the virtual console.

Then there’s Super Mario Bros. 3 where if…

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