Steven Universe: Attack the Light Review [IOS]


-by Dylan DiBona

It’s not often I’ll review a book, and almost rarer I’d review a mobile game. Seeing as I’m on vacation and decided not to bring my 3DS; I brought my phone alone for some quicker gaming experiences.

I was surfing through my “Purchased But Not on This iPhone” and came across Steven Universe: Attack the Light. Immediately I regretted not finishing the game last time I downloaded it, so I decided to give it another go.

There’s one thing you should know before we start this review: I absolutely adore Steven Universe, it rivals for my all-time favorite TV show. Of course it was the incentive for me to purchase Attack the Light, but my next comments are as unbiased as possible.

Attack the Light is a Paper Mario inspired RPG. It mixed turn-based combat with spontaneous button clicks that can enhance moves. Players explore dungeons…

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