VR’s Capacity for Environmental Storytelling: Interview with Indie Dev -Storm

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Ever wondered what it’s actually like to be lost in a snowstorm, a countdown on your life dependent on your ability to find warmth? Storm VR aims to bring that exact experience to your living room with its episodic instalments pitting you against various natural danger zones in a mysterious endeavour binded with your own identity. The independent VR developers have seen their title’s early footsteps taken across Steam territory to highly congratulatory reviews, and are ready conquer a second episode in the coming weeks. We chatted with director Anrick Bregman and team member Andrej Savcic about the highs and lows of environmental storytelling in VR, indie developers keeping in touch with their followers, and… juggling.

Storm VR headerThe first question relates to the way your project bridges itself between film and game. Could you explain this further, what filmic aspects have you employed in your game development, and what does this…

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