Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


                    (Art by Corbin Hunter)

Mists Metaphysical

Ever since Izobella escaped undeath in the realm of Eberron by a miscast of the common Dimensional Door spell, things got really weird. The spell was cast, she felt the usual brushing through the shadows, and instead of being deposited back at the dungeon door of the tomb she was exploring, she found herself in a tunnel of dark light instead.

Izobella floated in this vortex-like tunnel for what seemed like a day, maybe two, maybe even three. But then, a gray land between realities slowly dawned before her, and the dark light diminished somewhat. She felt unearthly intelligences working behind the scenes in the shadows, intelligences who preferred tentacles, insectoid forms, even wraith-like dream forms.

“Chaos,” a misty figure said to her, “remember that you are on the side of Chaos. You do…

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