Storming and Strom-ing to lots of XPs

Even Now

Meren must be feeling pretty special – she’s been on the stream for the past three or four weeks straight!

She got herself leveled up to 9 this past week, racking up some very nice XP in Stormcleave Outpost, Stromvauld’s Mine, and Caged Trolls, plus getting the Phiarlan Carnival chain started.

Thank heaven for guildies leading the way in Stormcleave, because on my own, I always seem to get turned around and lose my way at least once, so it takes me a long time. Despite Meren getting burdened from overestimating her ability to carry supply crates, we made it through rather quickly, at least by my standards.

And since we were already in the Anvilfire Inn to turn in Stormcleave, it seemed only right to do Stromvauld’s after that.

As Gom pointed out, the quest name “Stromvauld’s Mine” may not denote that the mine is Stromvauld’s. It could be…

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