Izobella (3)

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom


Izobell’a trust in her companions, Raavana and Sveral, had grown strong, for Sveral had sworn fealty on one knee before her, and Raavana had agreed to be further tested by a trial of blood.

“Scout through Ostland, kill as many of the Empire as you can find, and trade their weapons for gold and silver, for our group can not grow without it. Come and and seek me again when twelve gold coins rattle in your belt-purse.”

Raavanna the dark elf nodded proudly, bowed her head slightly, and immediately began sorting her gear for war. She was proud to be asked to set upon a blood mission by her leader, though human the magus be. The mission made sense in a world devoid of belief in the druchii gods. For surely any fool could see the dark elf religion was a ruse, a thing devised to control the young, to…

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