How To Fund Your Indie Game On Kickstarter

Musings of a Mario Minion

Ah Kickstarter, it’s got lovers and it’s got haters. A crowdfunding platform that made a hell of a splash in the independent game development industry in its initial few years, Kickstarter has since become a battleground for backers and developers alike.

The truth of the matter is game development grants are incredibly difficult to come by in the saturated indie market nowadays. Indie game investors are similarly scant and there are more than enough horror stories of game funding sites taking advantage of exhausted developers. Kickstarter, then, still stands as an enticing method of grabbing some cash together for your big break in gaming.

crowdfunding animation

If you’ve been hit with that initial spark of inspiration then it’s likely you can’t wait to get your name out there and start bringing home the bacon. Let me be the one to tell you this, that won’t happen. Instead, follow our simple and easy…

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