AFK, prep and mobile-tie ins


This weekend has been dominated, in part, by gaming preparations for an AFK break – we’re off on holiday from tomorrow. For the MMO player that means certain specific tasks are probably due: like checking for almost expired mails on all your characters, sending off all the research-type tasks that you can, saying “au revoir” to guildmates so they know why you’ll be absent, etc.

I was playing Everquest 2 anyway to level my woodworking; so checking skill research was easy enough on the three characters I have high enough to be eligible for these free skill quality upgrades. Four characters have housing that needs regular rent payments too, though you can pay up to just over a month in advance, so a short holiday is easily covered.

Long research times can be a bonus In Elder Scrolls Online, I have research tasks on my blacksmith to manage, but they…

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