Doing our level best

Even Now

Sunday night, I had three main DDO goals:

  • Get Laegonn to level 30
  • Work on making progress with his sagas
  • Find something to run for the livestream
  • Keava was able to join us despite the 11-hour time difference, but we were short one Seki, who was feeling considerably under the weather. So we decided we’d go clean out the Eveningstar War Hospital for him, and as long as we were there, we might as well run the whole Druid’s Deep chain – you never know, Wood Woad bark might have medicinal uses. Plus, it fulfilled all three goals.

    I was thinking EH, because Laegonn is the toon who proves that not all warlocks are overpowered… or even powered at all. But Keava and Slvr were confident we could handle EE.

    “OK,” I replied, “but I’m going to spend the whole quest hiding behind you guys.”

    Which I did – and…

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