The Inherent Problem of Metacritics User Reviews


-by Dylan DiBona

For the past few years there’s been a sketchiness of game reviews in the eyes of the consumers. Major websites like IGN have been rumored to scale their review scores based on money given to them by the publisher. While all claims have not been proven true, it’s lead plenty of people to look towards reviews from peers rather than professional critics. Websites like Amazon and Metacritic provide scores in the form of numbers or stars, all amassed from various fans who decide to review a certain game. Today we’ll be focusing on the latter as it’s a site primarily used for entertainment.

Metacritic logo.svg

It seems like pure and “correct” to trust our fellow players, the people who take money out of their own pocket to pay for a game. But the internet is a place with no filtration system and with those honest video game players, comes…

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