Social items in MMORPGs


It occurred to me over the weekend that MMO’s by their design can encourage socialising, or not, by even simple little design choices. One of the Mage features in Legion is to summon an image of Archmage Vargoth who will dole out an hour-long buff to adventurers who talk to him.

It’s a lovely example of a social item, and not the only one in the game. The various versions of Blingtron offer both a once-per-day present to all of the same faction as the engineer who created him. It’s a great item, and apparently quite popular as I regularly see a 6000 or older 5000 series standing in Dalaran or a class hall.

A Blingtron ‘scrum’

I love design choices that reward players for using public spaces like this. WoW doesn’t have the monopoly on this, of course. I remember fondly the campfire system in Tera, which allows players…

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