Stutheithland and the Goliath Isle

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Named after the primarch of the faith that once unified the region (at least religiously if not politically), sages from afar call the region the Stutheit Peninsula but to those who live here, it is “the Land” and occasionally “Stutheitland”. Tales of the peninsula generally focus either on the main trading city of Groveler’s Port, the strange “moving mountain” in the interior that seems to have broken free of either the northern barrier mountains or the central mountain range (depending on the story), and the hexagonal basalt isles to the south. Tales also focus on the giants of the land – not true giants but a human-like race of great size and might who are rare among the people of the Stutheit Peninsula, but unheard of elsewhere.

Stutheithland and the Goliath Isle Stutheithland and the Goliath Isle

Groveler’s Port is the biggest city of the peninsula – the trading capital of the region that deals…

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