Syp’s Gaming Goals for May

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April in review

In retrospect, April wasn’t the amazing gaming month I had hoped it would be. It wasn’t terrible, but I’m feeling a little bit burned out by the routine and took a little break here and there from the norm. I definitely lost interest in Torment, ultimately it’s just not quite as gripping as Planescape was… would still be satisfying to finish, though.

In World of Warcraft, I ground enough Legionfall rep to get flying privileges back, which was certainly a highlight, and I also received my fourth legendary. I fiddled a little with a baby Undead Warlock, but nothing super-serious so far.

Most of my attention was given to my new Engineer in Guild Wars 2, which was quite enjoyable in a relaxed, getting-to-relearn-the-game way. I also wrapped up the epic story in the Wastes in LOTRO and turned my attention to doing the…

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