How Do You Properly Write a Video Game Villain?


-by Dylan DiBona

Heroes are important for any story-based game, but inversely so are the villains. A good villain verifies all of the heroes trials and growth, making them feel like they’ve changed for the better by the time the final battle rolls around. Not only that, but a powerful villain should evoke feelings of hatred and even fear.

It’s hard for me to think back on a game that I felt had a really standout main foe. I like Ganondorf for basically being Satan himself, the complete manifestation of all that is evil in the universe, but he lacks depth and reality. Plenty of acclaimed bad guys are mostly comical like Gruntilda from Banjo-Kazooie or Bowser from SuperMario Bros.When was the last time you played a game and genuinely felt like “I have to take this guy down!”?

Image result for kefka There’s something so special about old-school Final Fantasy artwork…

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