Have The Gaming Classics Been Topped?


-by Dylan DiBona

To Kill a Mockingbird,The Godfather, The Wire– it’s happens with every form of entertainment; everybody cannot agree but sooner or later a mass amount of people cite one piece of work as the greatest in it’s medium. It’s an astounding feat when you consider how many millions of books, movies and TV shows there are.

An idea sparked inside my head when I writing my “Perfect SNES-Mini Games List”. I kept saying how many SNES games were considered the greatest of their genre or respective series. It’s been almost three decades since the SNES; have those games really never been beaten in pure quality of design?

In order to delve deeper into this topic; I scoured the internet for a list compiling every major websites “Top X Video Games of All Time” lists. I’ll be taking a look at three games on this compiled…

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