The sagas begin

Even Now

Well, actually, the sagas are already underway, but when you have the chance to make a play on a Weird Al title, you should take it. Right? Right!

I’m really not fond of Lines of Supply unless I’m on a toon with semi-decent crowd control. That leaves out most of my melees. Luckily for monk Acanthia, who’s been working on her sagas of late, Mock was around Sunday night with a very handy Wail of the Banshee and a righteous wicked dancy ball!

All that lovely CC let us complete all the optionals, despite wave after wave after wave of resolute supply carriers and their rather more aggressive guards – and that was even without the aid of net traps, because by the time we were done convincing the harpies to help us out, there wasn’t time to go visit the trap guy. Hope he didn’t miss us too much!

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