Why it’s Fun to Play Trending Video Games


-by Dylan DiBona

I don’t like overuse of social media and I only use Twitter to keep up with my favorite online content creators. They usually post about their project, creativity beliefs and sometimes about the games they’re playing. I try not to succumb to the hottest trend because they’re just that- a trend; it’ll pass before we know it.

Four times come to mind where I bit my finger and decided to listen to what everybody was saying by purchasing a game hot on social media. They were Undertale, StardewValleyOwlboy Night in the Woods in that order. Today we’ll be talking about playing a video game alongside everybody else on the internet.

Image result for undertale

For some strange reason ever since Undertale released and received perfect scores from plenty of reviewers, it was labeled a cult classic. That “cult” proved to be huge as everyday I went on YouTube…

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