Try-It Tuesday: Kingdom of Loot

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Every so often, a little title comes across our desk at Massively OP that I flag as something to keep an eye on. MMOs with potential, so to speak. The other week it happened to be Kingdom of Loot, which belied its trying-too-hard-to-be-meta name with an intriguing premise: What if MMOs had been made for the Super NES?

The graphics and reported accessibility appealed to me, so for the return of Try-It Tuesday, I gave it a shot to see how it’s doing in its current (early access) form.

There’s definitely a strong SNES vibe with this one, both in its graphics and with the title theme, which sounds about three notes off from Legend of Zelda. I know pixel art isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I still love it (it’s colorful and exudes personality, not to mention has a connection to my gaming past), and I think they…

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