6 Best Video Game Boss Battles

Musings of a Mario Minion

I have a perpetual love / hate relationship with the boss battle. I relish the feeling of finally breaking down a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to its finest points and methodically working through it to victory. At the same time, if i’m really enjoying the everyday play of a title I’m often faltered in my tracks when I get to a boss battle. Nevertheless, I know a good foe when I see one, so here they are.

Ghost of Lady Comstock: Bioshock Infinite

The trick to defeating this vengeful spirit was never made fully apparent. It was simply a case of wearing the game down until you hit just at the right point… then it all fell into place. It turns out that that right point is just as you have mown down this lass’s soldier forces, and while she pauses to call for reinforcements. Be warned, though, you’ll need plenty…

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