Two guns, one MMO: Why dual wielding continues to appeal

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If one is good, two must be twice as good, right? Doesn’t always apply to all situations, but it seems true enough for MMO weapons. Generally, implements of death in online games come in one of three varieties:

  1. A single, oversized weapon
  2. Two of the same smaller weapons, one held in each hand
  3. A stat stick that looks pretty and must never be thwocked on the noggin of an enemy

As of late, I’ve really been gravitating toward classes that hold two pistols in games. My KOTOR 2 hero is a double-blaster Jedi, my SWTOR Gunslinger is the same (sans Force powers), my playthrough Illuminati in The Secret World had dual pistols, and my Guild Wars 2 Engineer has twin NES Zappers at the ready.

One of my very first MMO characters was an Adventurer in Anarchy Online, a class that used two pistols and could also turn into a…

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