Why Are VR Social Spaces So Popular? And What Is Their Future? Interview with AltSpace VR

Musings of a Mario Minion

Virtual Reality allows us to step into our favourite worlds and inhabit them in a fully immersive environment. From the science fiction landscapes of Star Wars to Batman’s shadowy lair, we now have unprecedented access to full body immersion. It may surprise many, however, that one of Virtual Reality’s most successful applications lies rooted in the every day. AltSpace VR provide an open social space dedicated to the communication and interaction of everyday people through their VR avatars. Users populate a variety of themed discussion rooms, can attend concerts, meet with friends, or pitch questions to celebrities in this fully immersive cyber experience. I was intrigued, so I got in touch with AltSpace VR’s Bruce Wooden to learn more about this social application of VR technology, and the issues it may face going forward.

Q1My first question concerns the virtual social network industry itself, why do you think VR equipment has…

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