Last Stand of the Cloud Giant

Dyson's Dodecahedron

We met the cloud giant forces with great magic and fierce determination – repelling them and slaying every massive giant that could be found. The cloud fortress floated away and the giants have not been seen in the kingdom again.

Alas, the assassin caught in the act of slaying Hephran the Red, magus of the 7th order, indicated that he had come from the sky fortress of the cloud giants where he had been tasked with this “job”. If any part of the skyfortress still exists, it means that at least one of the cloud giants also still lives to keep it together.

And sure enough, adventurers sent to find out more will discover that the temple of storms still sits atop the remnants of the cloud giant skyfortress. And within that temple is the last of the cloud giants, a cleric of the winds who was but a child…

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