My New Review Scale


-by Dylan DiBona

Hey friends, I just wanted to take today to discuss a pretty big update to PlayingWithThoughts. If you look at the About section of my blog, you’ll see that I’m aiming to steer gaming journalism into a new territory. Part of this in my eyes is avoiding the traditional review scale of 0-10.

In my mind I typically do give a game or any entertainment a numerical score, but that’s because it’s easy. I want my articles and my reviews to be about the words themselves. However, I understand a readers desire for a review scale, it helps them see a categorically determined stamp of quality. So I’m going to be officially establishing (I’ve only been demoing this idea recently) a new review scale which should satisfy you and I both. I will let the words do the talking, in order from worst to best:

Miserable (0)…

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