Should Video Game Prices Always Vary?


-by Dylan DiBona

If you’re going to pick up a hot new video game, sixty is probably a number you’re familiar with. For more than a few years now, $59.99has been the standard price for video games that have just been released, while digital only games vary between $14.99-$19.99.

I was watching an interesting podcast where one of the co-hosts was trying to question why we hang onto this sixty dollar price point, he brought up The Witcher 3. According to the website How Long to Beat, The Witcher 3takes roughly 167 hours to do everything. Factor in the two king-sized DLC packs Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wineand you have yourself a 200+ hour game.

Image result for witcher 3Why should a game that long be accepted as monetarily equal to The Last Guardian, a 13 hour game? It shouldn’t.

Now the main arguments against my point…

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