How To Fix Your Loud PS4

Musings of a Mario Minion

We’ve all had our PS4s a while now so we’ve probably forgotten the sweet silence of days gone by. Well, that fresh out the box whisper of a console can be yours again once you fix your loud PS4. Over time your console sucks up large amounts of dust which sit inside the system causings the fans to go into overdrive. While for many this is simply an annoying whir in the background, large build up of dust can actually cause some nasty long term problems. These 9 easy steps will show you how to quieten your loud PS4 by opening the console up and giving it a spritz with some compressed air. You’ll unclog the fans and breath a sigh of relief next time you switch on.

1. Turn Off and Remove The PS4

Switch off your PS4 and remove it from the wall socket (making sure it’s not…

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