Are Some Video Games Better Off Without Sequels?


-by Dylan DiBona

While I was sweeping this morning, I decided to listen to the soundtrack of the cult classic DS game The World Ends With You (luckily it really holds up).This reminded me of a post I wrote about video game sequels we’ve waited too long for. Then I started thinking about the opposite; The World Ends With You will always be remembered as an amazing game. I loved Kingdom Hearts 2 more than any game as a child, but when I think about how it’s just one small piece of a long and stupidly convoluted timeline, my feelings are slightly diminished. Sometimes a company will give us a sequel and yet not really give us want we want, or in Square Enix’s case they’ll give us a hundred spin-offs and no sequel.

Image result for beyond good and evil

There’s really only two points I can make against sequels because let’s be frank…

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