Every Zelda Game (I’ve Played) Ranked: Part 2

Deconstructing Video Games

Here are my top ranked games in The Legend of Zelda series!

Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons

Year: 2001
Format: Game Boy Color

Source: https://www.zeldadungeon.net/

With classic Nintendo timing, not one but two Zeldas were released in 2001 – at the end of the original Game Boy’s life, directly before the launch of the Game Boy Advance.

If Nintendo seemed like they had no idea what they were doing business-wise, at least Capcom’s Flagship, tasked with design duties, understood how to craft new Zelda experiences out of the old Link’s Awakening template (more on that in a minute).

Source: https://www.zeldadungeon.net/

Capcom squeezed every last puzzle from Oracle of Ages’ gameplay hook of manipulating time, with Link warping between past and present, tackling time travel paradoxes. And with Oracle of Seasons, the puzzles were spatial – lakes can be crossed when frozen in winter, vines sprout and can…

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