Censorship Within Video Games: When is it Okay?


-by Dylan DiBona

In attempts to keep my Wii U alive I’ve been doing a little hunting for another game to play on it. I came across a little game I had heard of around release, but didn’t know much about; Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. I remember hearing of some controversy over Fire Emblem Fates censorship and even some for Tokyo Mirage, so I decided to investigate the latter for more information.

Image result for tokyo mirage sessions censorship Right: Censored/ Left: Original Now I’m not one to really care about censorship in my games as long as the pure experience is available to the player; and I’m certainly not one to be begging for more virtual sexuality, there’s an endless supply of that already. What bugs me in this case is not only the sheer quality of censorship, but rather how the removed sexually explicit material genuinely related to the story of Tokyo Mirage…

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