Back to the Stone Age, reaper style

Even Now

Soooo, a while back I did an eTR/TR combo on Zak for the livestream. And I screwed up his appearance thanks to a mouse misclick, but he hadn’t been on the stream since then.

Last night that changed, as Zak – now looking like a properly impressive Dragonborn instead of a nondescript beige pile of scales – headed into Sharn Syndicate along with Slvr’s bard-who’s-now-a-monk. On three-skull reaper.

If you read this blog on a semi-regular basis – and I’m certainly not insinuating that you do – you might have seen another recent post called “Getting stoned on the stream.” The title referred to, erm, dying. Rather a lot. As Zak demonstrated to the very, VERY best of his ability, that whole multiple-deaths thing wasn’t a one-off; he picked up the soulstone torch from Meren and managed to outdo her death count quite handily.

We failed the Statler Brothers quest…

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