Moral of the Story: Top 5 Legend of Zelda Characters

Adventure Rules

The Legend of Zelda franchise is one of my favorite series of all time. I started playing Zelda from a young age and I have followed the series throughout the years. From Ocarina of Time to Breath of the Wild, and everything in between and even before, I have explored the land of Hyrule as Link and defeated the forces of evil. During that time, I’ve met a lot of fun characters with great stories of their own. Today, I want to share my five favorites with you.

Here’s how this will go: I’ll share my top five characters and descriptions of their experiences. Each one has a lesson we can learn, so after talking about how much I love the character, I’ll drive home the moral of the story (gotta work in the title, right?). There’s also gonna be a big ground rule here: I can only include one incarnation…

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