New Dungeon Crawl Classics Sheets

Dyson's Dodecahedron

With my DCC RPG warrior “Big” Helmut finally reaching level 4, I figured it was time to move him off the level 0 character sheet he’s been using since he survived whatever hellhole funnel he came from (I think he showed up as a backup character during the Emerald Enchanter… we severely depopulated the town during that adventure – went in with 3 level 1 and 6 level 0 characters, and kept coming back to town to drag a bunch more level 0s in with us… I think we were responsible for the deaths of a good 18 or so townfolk).

So I finally scanned the rough idea I had for a character sheet that I had scrawled onto a pad during a DCC game a few months ago, did some tidying, and copied old Helmut over.

And immediately noticed some things I didn’t like about the sheet. So after…

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