How Our Gaming Tastes Change


-by Dylan DiBona

As a kid, my favorite games were action-adventure. I loved (for some reason) licensed games from Nickelodeon like Nicktoons Unite;the only turn-based games I could handle without getting bored were Pokémon. I was addicted to Kingdom Hearts 2and about seven years later Skyrim. I really cherished fun gameplay and a sense of adventure. Turn based RPGS were boring to me, and I didn’t like hack n’ slash titles like Devil May Cryeven though Kingdom Hearts accompanies DMC in that genre. But now I find myself playing turn-based JRPGS quite often and I’m liking hack ‘n slash games for their action and simplicity. This brings me back to why I don’t like selling my games: you never know! Nineteen year old me currently doesn’t like Conker’s Bad Fur Day, but maybe when I hit twenty-three I’ll love it.

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