Craving that good old-time MMO dungeon healing experience

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As I continue to evaluate my summer gaming plans and figure out just what I’m looking for in MMOs these days, I think I’ve put my finger on one missing part of my diet: I miss dungeon runs. Specifically, I miss being a healer in dungeon runs.

I’ve been an off and on again healer in my MMO career, and when I am paired up with a fun class that works well and a game that has interesting dungeons, then I’m all over it. It’s just deeply satisfying to be part of a team and keep them alive for the run, feeling as though I’m fulfilling a unique role in the group. But I haven’t had this for a long while now, and I’m starting to feel the absence of this.

But where can I get this? Guild Wars 2 is not an MMO with your typical dungeon crawl and…

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