Five Best Video Game Controllers


-by Dylan DiBona

When you first open that new console up, there’s always that small but important moment when you hold the controller that’ll be accompanying you for dozens, maybe hundreds of hours of gameplay for the very first time. Is it comfortable? Heavy? Light? How are the buttons? A bad controller can sour a gaming experience, cramp your hands or even just make you annoyed. It may seem like an afterthought to some, but my fellow players who have spent hours on bad controllers know the difference. These five controllers have made my gaming experiences much better.

Note: I’m only discussing controllers that come with a console, nothing you have to buy separately.

5. Xbox One

I have somewhat sour memories when it comes to the Xbox 360 controller, part of the reason I hate going back to my 360 is the remote itself. I don’t like constantly needing batteries…

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